What’s your idea of a fun motorcycle trip? Does it involve riding for days through soggy Russian forests, crossing river after river on a sidecar straight out of World War II?

If you answered yes, you’re in luck. This Russian-language film from Ural Motorcycles (with help from Motul, it seems), shows the ultimate buddy adventure, as long as you don’t mind mud.

(There are subtitles, for all of us who cannot understand the Russian language).

We start off with friends Anton Malyshev (a bigwig at Motul), Vladimir Chaikovsky, Dmitry Zakharov and Dmitry Khitrov hanging out in Moscow, plotting their summer vacation. What will it be this year—the beaches of Yalta? Nope, these guys go for a much more relaxing idea, a road trip through the northern Ural mountains, riding (appropriately) Ural sidecar hacks, as well as a BMW F850 GS and an ATV. After all, COVID-19 meant you couldn’t exactly travel the world anyway. Why not explore Russia instead? The ultimate destination was the mysterious and grim Dyatlov Pass.

I will admit that at first, I was skeptical of any sponsored expedition that involved support vehicles and a film crew. Often such productions tend to self-indulgence and overly-pampered silliness that’s of little interest to outsiders. Such is not the case here, as these guys take their raging case of dad bod and then beat themselves up, mile after mile after mile, river crossing after river crossing after river crossing. Any motorcycle trip that has chest waders as required equipment is hard-core enough for me.

For more Ural fun, watch Baldy’s review of the Ural GEO:

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