A pair of videos – one in English, seen above, and one in French – have popped up on YouTube, promising the launch of the Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro next week. But. we’ve seen nothing official yet.

Talk of the new Scrambler 1100 Pro started last summer, with the publication of EPA documents showing a Scrambler 1100 Sport and a Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro coming for 2020. There’s already a Scrambler 1100 Sport, so that wasn’t expected to be a shocking new reveal, just your standard mid-life update. But the Scrambler 100 Sport Pro (which is just called the “Pro” in the video above)? Hrm. What could it be? Those videos aren’t even on official Ducati YouTube channels, so are they even legit?

If the videos are for real, chances are the machine wouldn’t getting a hot-rod engine (although it’s possible), but possibly we’d see suspension updates, some sort of aggressive pegs and handlebars and seat (for a sporty riding position), probably some high-end tires. Of course, the most important upgrade of all would be Bold New Graphics, some sort of sporty paint scheme! Most likely, it would have cafe racer styling.

Currently, the Scrambler 1100 line is less offroad-friendly than the smaller 800-class Scramblers. They’ve got wide handlebars and high-mount exhausts, but even a quick glance shows these machines aren’t intended for dirt use. They still look versatile, though, in keeping with the Scrambler design intentions.

If you’re interested in these machines, Ducati’s posted a pretty decent 15-minute infomercial about the Scrambler line to its YouTube channel, complete with the musical stylings of the Dandy Warhols and similar hipster bands. It’s so post-modern that it hurts, but it gives you an idea of where the designers were coming from when they introduced the line.

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