Not too long ago, Zac told you about Volcon, a purported electric vehicle manufacturer.  The company presently has three vehicle designs, including an electric motorcycle called the Grunt.

The Grunt is claimed to have “up to” 50 horsepower, 75 lb-ft of torque, and a top speed of 60 MPH.  Physically, the bike is small with a claimed weight of under 200 pounds and a seat height of 32 inches.

And now, Volcon is in the midst of another round of fundraising.  Their latest round is being held on Wefunder.   As of the writing of this article (9 December 2020), Volcon has raised an additional $1.96M from 947 investors.

With the funding round, Volcon is also announcing the purchase of a 53-acre plot of land outside of Austin, TX.  According to Volcon, the property will serve several functions.  Its main function is to be the site of their proposed factory which will have multiple production lines.

Volcon property

The site and layout of Volcon’s proposed factory and proving grounds. Photo credit: Volcon

But the property will serve other purposes.  According to Volcon, it will be used as a “customer experience center” as well as a vehicle proving grounds area.  If their description is accurate, it could be quite useful.

The land already has a trail network “through a dense mix of cedar and oak trees.”  There is also a dry creek bed and a running river that could be used to test Volcon’s vehicles and amuse potential customers.

Volcon also intends to use the property as an RV park complete with campsites and a zipline facility.  Hmm…  Ultimately, it will be interesting to see whether the company can live up to its claims.  Time will tell.

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