Volcon Inc. is looking to bring a new line of electric off-road vehicles to market in North America, starting with a battery-powered dirt bike. And, somewhat incongruously, the company plans to build these things right in the heart of oil country.

Volcon is basing its manufacturing out of Texas, which isn’t traditional EV territory; maybe the company’s insiders were worried California’s iffy electric grid would render their vehicles useless? Regardless, the company has bold plans, including battery-powered side-by-sides, ATVs and dirt bikes.

The company plans to kick off its entry to the market with its new dirt bike, called the Grunt. Volcon says it will deliver the Grunt to its customers in spring, 2021. As for its performance: “The Grunt is an easy-to-ride, two-wheeled, all-terrain, off road motorcycle designed for exploring the outdoors, serving as a nimble utility vehicle or for off road, family fun. Recharging will be possible in only two hours with any household outlet. The battery pack is hot-swappable and the Grunt is capable of a 100-mile range. Pricing for the Grunt will start at $5,995 (MSRP).”

Looking at pictures of the thing, the Grunt looks a lot like a Suzuki VanVan or a Yamaha TW, but with batteries instead of a small-cc gasoline motor. Those bikes have certainly captivated plenty of riders with their easy-to-ride layout, with low seats and fat tires, and the Grunt will win over some fans if it follows that pattern.

The basic idea behind the Grunt (an electric playbike, with limited range and performance) seems to be the way the battery bike industry is headed. Whether Volcon in particular will be successful is another question—but this market space is still essentially wide open, and the company does have some big-name insiders working there. Still, six grand will buy you a very decent Japanese dual sport with warranty and proven performance. Some people want new tech, though, especially if it’s perceived as environmentally friendly. If that’s you, check out the Volcon website for more deets!

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