French motorcycle manufacturer Voxan wants to be Number One. Although it’s fairly unknown outside Europe, the manufacturer aims to claim the title of world’s fastest electric motorcycle, with the help of retired roadracer Max Biaggi.

The key to the plan is the new Voxan Wattman battery bike. This updated electric motorcycle (the original design debuted in ’13) is an absolutely massive beast, with enough power crammed onboard that it’d scare the knickers off most highway safety advocates. The old Voxan Wattman was rated for the equivalent of 203 horsepower; the new model makes 431 horsepower, supposedly. That’s up from 2019, when Voxan originally said it would update the Wattman design, and was aiming for around 360 horsepower.

Now, Voxan says it’s got everything ready for its high-speed run. The bike itself has a massive battery that supposedly weighs 307 pounds (the bike weighs 661 pounds, says Voxan). The powerplant uses dry ice for cooling, not a traditional radiator unit. There’s a set of Michelin Pilot RS+ tires, designed to handle the high speeds Voxan is aiming for (at least 205 mph; the current record is just over 203 mph). There’s no front brake (it messes up aerodynamics at high speed, and is bad for stability), only a rear brake to slow the bike down—and no drag chute. The Wattman has a dual-wishbone front suspension, and a massive dustbin fairing to streamline the machine. Finally, Voxan has signed up Max Biaggi to pilot the bike, as was the original plan in 2019. Biaggi will ride the bike on Bolovia’s Uyuni salt flats, in 2021.

All very impressive, but what will this do for consumers? Voxan is supposed to be working on some sort of production version of this bike, but don’t expect it to be anywhere near as fast, and don’t expect it to be affordable on a working man’s budget.

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