What makes you buy an adventure bike? Is it the thought of a payment plan? Is it the thought of riding back and forth to the office doing the daily commuting grind? Is it the thought of looking at the bike in the garage all winter, stored under a cover?

Noooooo, the reason most of us buy a bike is to go fast and escape the humdrum everyday normal. In short, to have an adventure. And, in the latest Husqvarna 901 Norden teaser, we see an excellent teaser video that’s almost a short film, describing why you’d buy this adventure bike … without saying anything about the bike at all.

In this clip, we see Dakar hero Cyril Despres along with adventure explorer Mike Horn ripping around Iceland on Husqvarna 901 Norden prototypes. Looks like fun—not many places you can hike to see an active volcano, at end of the day’s ride. Not many riding partners would help you rappel a motorcycle over a ravine, either.

Anyway, it continues the Husqvarna 901 Norden’s video teaser series. We actually know quite a bit about the bike at this point; we know what it’s going to look like (Husqvarna’s new Scandinavian design theme), we know it’ll have the KTM 890 parallel twin engine, and we know it’s probably going to be a little less raw-edged than the 890 Adventure series (this teaser certainly doesn’t sell the bike on the promise of high-speed adrenal gland dumps).

We’d expect to actually see the machine on showroom floors sometime in 2022, if all goes well. Pandemic variables have a way of screwing timetables up …

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