The COVID-19 crisis has been an expensive ordeal for whole societies, and on a macro-level, very costly for many individuals. In the moto world, many riders have lost jobs, or seen other cutbacks. Races, rallies and other events have seen sponsors leave.

But, this could be the weirdest of all: COVID-19 has cost hard enduro star Graham Jarvis his garden shed roof.

The thing is, even though Jarvis is an absolute legend in the world of hard enduro, he still has the same problems as anyone else.

In some jurisdictions at least, the authorities haven’t banned pleasure riding. Some of those bikers have been getting out for occasional rips, claiming that it counts as social distancing, if they aren’t palling around with others at stops. Certainly, there appears to be some logic to that argument.

For other riders, stuck in jurisdictions with more strict COVID-19 lockdowns, the past few weeks have been truly frustrating. Confined to their properties unless they have essential travel, these riders have been catching up on maintenance projects, or maybe twiddling their thumbs and surfing social media, or watching bike clips on YouTube. Or in the case of Graham Jarvis, hard enduro practice in the back yard.

Over the past few days, Jarvis has been uploading video clips of a series of backyard stunts, using the picnic table and other pieces of the scenery as obstacles. Good on ya, matey, you’re staying busy!

And then today, we saw the clip below, shot as Jarvis enjoyed his 45th birthday celebrations:

Happy birthday! Now you’ve got a shed to fix—get cracking!

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