Ever thought about building your own motorcycle from scratch? Sure, we all have. This guy actually did it, though, and all with parts from Harbor Freight.

Is it street legal? How long will it last? Who cares?

Okay, spoiler alert: it isn’t street-legal, strictly speaking.┬áThe Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did not grant the contraption an inspection sticker, and I don’t see a license plate anywhere near it. But that’s not the point. This is inspiration.

We can all wander over to BikeEXIF or Icon’s bike build page or maybe peruse all the Yamaha “Yard Built” bikes, but those are all pro-level, nigh-unattainable levels of custom building. We all have to start somewhere. This guy is pretty much at “level zero.”

If I were going to get into bike building, maybe I would find an old, beat-up KZ, or a CBsomething, so that I would have a couple of existing systems as a skeleton, if you will. Beginning a build by welding a frame together out of pieces of an engine hoist? That’s innovation! A complete lack of suspension might reveal your skill at welding sooner rather than later, though. The more everything is stressed by rolling over bumps the more anything that’s going to crack, will.

Dirty secret time: I love Harbor Freight. Yes, they’re mostly imported, mostly cheap crap. What better to begin a build like this, though? Especially when you can purchase a functional engine in a box, ripe for anything your imagination can throw at it?

The trailer wheels and the shop-stool seat are both pure genius. This is not high-performance machinery. This is just proof of concept. Is it a safe machine? No. Do we care? Also no.

Show off your home-built two-wheeled piles of poo, friends, because they’re almost definitely going to be prettier than the motorcycle in this video. If he can do it, anyone (with a welder and a friend with a lift in their shop) can do it.

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