Full face helmets have been around for quite some time and arguably provide more protection than their open face alternatives.  But apparently in a Philippine city, wearing a full face helmet could allow police to stop you and give you a citation.

Ordinance Causing Confusion

The city of Pasig has enacted Ordinance Number 23.  Called “An Ordinance Approving the Revised Traffic and Parking Management Code, Defining Functions, Prescribing Fees, And For Other Purposes” it includes guidelines for the use of motorcycle helmets.

The issue is found in Item B of Section 108 (Safety Helmets for Riders and Motorcycle Restrictions) which states the following:

“A safety helmet is a protection for the motorcycle rider’s head (motorcycle driver and back ride/r), provided no motorcycle riders shall use crash helmets or devices covering their entire face and/or referred to in paragraph (a) herein shall comply with the standard set by the proper authority.”

Ordinance Grey Area

Apparently, because of the grey area created by the wording of the ordinance, some riders wearing full-face helmets with clear visors have been stopped and given a citation.  The cost of the citation is P1,500 (about $28 USD).

Item A of the ordinance seems to indicate that the Council is concerned about a helmet being used to disguise a rider.  If this is the case, the question is whether a full face helmet with a clear visor falls into Item A & B’s restriction.

Apparently, the police think they do and have been stopping riders and issuing citations.  The website Top Gear Philippines is reporting that at least one motorcycle club has said it will file suit against the Pasig City Council.  While another group is seeking an audience with the city to obtain clarification.

Hopefully, the Pasig City Council will make the ordinance clearer to ensure it is enforced appropriately.

The full ordinance is provided below.


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