Disclaimer: This is not a paid promotion, just a plain old review of something that could be useful to inmates and its has a multi use free trial to boot!

As smart phones and their related apps become more and more a part of our daily life and something that some riders depend on, how about one that does a little more than Google Maps does and is actually useful to ADVriders?

A few weeks back an email drops in my inbox about this app, personally I prefer a GPS to a phone for navigation, and for weather I just look upwards, so initially it held little interest.

…but of course situations change, and I had to drive from Fort Lauderdale Florida to Phoenix Arizona and I thought I would give this app a good test and be able to review it for simplicity of use, accuracy and user friendliness.

I contacted the developer and we spoke about its potential usefulness to motorcycle riders?

His response, not what I was expecting, but happy to hear –

“A few adventure riders contacted me when I was developing the app and asked if there was a way GPS coordinates could also be used as well as town/ city names…so I added that option?”

I don’t know where those riders were from, maybe this forum but the suggestion was a good one.


So, the basics of the app are –

  • Weather along your route
  • Exactly at the time you will be driving through
  • Pick the best time to leave
  • Pick the best route with the best weather
  • Say NO to weather delays
  • Know EVERYTHING about weather conditions at any point of your trip


but the good stuff is –

  • See where it’s raining, I had to find some bad weather and wind today as I wrote this, if you click on that umbrella icon you can change options to temp or wind or wind gusts, and the rain icon above it turns the radar off and on – Live precipitation radar

  • Find the best time to leave – Interactive departure slider

  • NOAA alerts and advisories
  • Plan a road trip and set stop points or use GPS coordinates if you need more accuracy

  • Ask Siri for Weather Ahead
  • Avoid blinding sun – Sunset and sunrise times


  • Know the weather at the destination – Should you take a raincoat or a swimsuit?
  • Easy to read forecast – Put your phone in a car mount
  • Dark Mode – Comfortable during long nightly drives
  • Privacy focused – No creepy tracking, no ads, no analytics. Does not store your location
  • Free PRO on first 5 trips
  • $2.99 monthly / $16.99 yearly after that.
  • Global – Works in 70+ countries

I know you will say I can do that already with a weather app, but the weather app isn’t showing the route, the distance, the time, alternative options, this combines them.

Yes I know its not rocket science but it is quite good, and will probably make you wonder why Google/ Apple/ Maps.me can’t do this!

If the route it shows isn’t where you’re riding then add a few extra stops as either place names or GPS coordinates to manipulate and make it more accurate. It created two route options for these destinations, orange or gray to swap between them

It shows the total distance and time for the trip, if there is bad weather along the way reroute, or use the option to adjust leaving time to find the best weather window.

Maybe if you are like me in Arizona rain isn’t always an issue then you adjust the read out to Temperature, Wind or Wind Gusts. You can set your departure time or day to help you plan the trip for the optimum conditions for riding how you want it.

I used it every day for ten days between Florida and Arizona, and various side trips I made, and I can tell you (for me) it worked flawlessly and I was very impressed.

I contacted the developed to let him know, and obviously he was pleased to hear that, so much so he is now offering 5 trips (24 hours per trip) for free so the inmates (and others) can try it. After that it’s $2.99 a month which seems quite reasonable and might make the difference between a memorable trip in the sunshine verses adding photos to the thread – ‘when the sky turns bad’


I asked the question I know a few of you will want to know, can I upload a GPX track? He responded –

GPX track upload is in development, I can’t give a timeline to when it will happen but it is coming because so many people asked for it!


…and just so you know what to look for when you search your Apple App Store is up and running, and the Android Google Play Store app is coming very soon. This is the logo of the app and the developers name, the guy I spoke with. Any questions direct them to him and he is VERY quick to respond.




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