Bright, bright, lights!  It was actually difficult to see Weiser CEO, Mark Atkins as we chatted and he stood behind the lighting display.  Weiser’s tagline is “Don’t Be Dim” and after seeing their lighting in action, you won’t be. They offer several ways to provide a rider with better visibility.

Their lineup has several different products including turn signals, turn signals with brake lighting and brake lights.  But I was most interested in their turn signal kit that allows you to use your existing stock lighting housing and turn them into super reflective and high-intensity attention “getters”.  Weiser claims that their lights are 1000 lumens and after viewing them, I have no reason to doubt it.  They are indeed very bright.

Weiser turn signal/driving light combination.

Weiser LEDs can act as both turn signals and brake lights.

A good shade-tree mechanic can install the lights in about 1.5 – 2 hours.  You can also take the kit to your dealer or experienced mechanic and they will likely be able to install them in less time.

Weiser says the lights connect into the lighting system outside CANBUS, so if your machine has a CANBUS system, you don’t have to worry about having an adapter or throwing codes on your display. The kit uses your stock lighting housing and lens.  What you have to do is connect the appropriate lighting wires from your machine, put the LED module in your stock housing, re-install the lens and you are ready to go.  Weiser offers full support over the phone, if any questions arise during the install.

If you want an entire kit and not use your existing housings, Weiser also sells a complete kit, which includes the housing, the reflective lights, wiring and, of course, instructions.  Included in the kit are the ultra-bright LED’s, 2-1 driving lights, brake lights and turn signals.

Weiser also told us that more lighting will be available in the future.  On October 10th a new patent was filed for their newest creation.  It is a complete kit that is mounted under the seat and adds new functions to lighting.  You’ll be able to adjust the intensity of the lighting, operate hazard lights etc.

Weiser is working on even more applications and they are now working on focused beams driving lights.  If the current kits are anything to go by, the focus beam lights will be amazing.

Pricing varies depending on the type of kit you need.  MSRPs run from $65 to $249.

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