With new tires from Germany and days at a seaside campground in Denmark, I’m rested, and the bike is in top shape.

My next destination is a meet-up with Vicki in Scotland. She loves it there.  Her parents immigrated to Canada after the war. These hard-working folk made sure to take their kids back home often and Vicki continues that tradition.

It’s a quick run into Amsterdam where I board the ferry bound for Newcastle upon Tyne.  The North Sea crossing at night is impressive. This oil-rich waterway, supplying generational wealth to Norway, is an amazing array of lights, some fixed, others underway.  If I’m ever lucky enough to navigate my own craft through this body of water I’ll take care to have human eyes on watch throughout.

Welcome to the UK! Riding a motorcycle on the left-hand side is infinitely simpler than a stick shift rental car picked up from Heathrow following an 11-hour intercontinental flight! The steel mule and I have a quick ride up the coast. Arriving in Dunbar I find myself in a seaside town on the east coast of Scotland. I’m with Vicki for a week until our daughter Marnie arrives – at which point I head south. Our days together are full leaving little time to put pen to paper so here are some pictures of a great retreat with my lovely wife Vicki.


KLR on the Ferry from Amsterdam to the UK

Leaving Amsterdam for Newcastle

Sea Tel on the ferry to the UK

A Very Happy Time in Scotland

With Vicki in Dunbar Scotland

We’ve been together 40 years… Pretty Great

War Memorial Dunbar

The Town of Dunbar From Our Balcony

The North Sea

She greatly improves my selfies!


Public Seaside Course

Our Flat at Low Tide

Made me think of Game of Thrones

Low Tide

Links Course

Flower Where Bricks Meet Rock-wall

Ebbs and Flows

Dundar Harbor with Vicki and I

Dunbar Harbor History

The 2019 Scottish Open – Rory Back-swing

The 2019 Scottish Open – Rory Putting

The 2019 Scottish Open – Rory and Rickey

The 2019 Scottish Open – Rickey

The 2019 Scottish Open – Rickey Back swing

The 2019 Scottish Open – Henrik

The 2019 Scottish Open – a good lie in the rough

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