There’s no shortage of good motorcycle manufacturers at the moment.  Current manufacturers bring us many motorcycle types for different uses like street, dirt, enduro, dual-sport, adventure, trials, etc.  But there’s an even longer list of motorcycle manufacturers that are now defunct.

The company’s demise may have been caused by many different things like the Depression, war, or just poor products. However, it’s these companies that are the subject of this week’s quiz.  Each of the correct answers to our questions is a now-defunct motorcycle manufacturer.

I’m going to suggest that this is a difficult quiz.  If you are not a dedicated motorcycle history buff, you will likely find this quiz to be hard.  Let’s call this one an 8 out of 10 in the degree of difficulty.

Perhaps the best way to determine the correct answer will be to make your choices based on a process of elimination.  Some offered answers don’t make sense if you think them through, so you will be able to narrow your choices if you have to guess.

After completing the quiz, let everyone know how well you’ve done in the comments below.  Good luck and enjoy!

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