I recently came across a moto product that got me to wonder.  I wondered whether the product would be useful and whether it makes sense to purchase and use.  And that’s the reason for a new series of articles asking you what you think about a certain piece of kit, in this case, the Precip Moto Adventure Rally Half Cover.

For the series’ first installment, I wondered how many people would find this product useful.  I won’t give you my opinion; I’d like to get yours.  So here goes…

Small, portable cover

First off, the cover isn’t a full or even half cover.  Its design theory is to provide protection to your bike’s ignition, handlebar switches, and headlight assembly.  So in the world of waterproof covers, think of the Precip Moto Adventure Rally Half Cover as a rain hat.  The pack will protect your head, but the rest of you will get wet.

Precip Moto

The packed dimensions of the Precip Moto Adventure Rally Half Cover.

Precip Moto says the cover is waterproof and comes with its own storage pouch.  With the cover packed into the pouch, you have a rectangular bag about the size of a sandwich.  You can also mount the storage bag pouch to your handlebars using two Velcro straps and MOLLE spec webbing.

Precip Moto says that ordinary motorcycle covers are too bulky and get left at home, their size hinders their function.  Because of this, your bike’s electronics are vulnerable to rain.  To overcome this barrier, the Adventure Rally Cover is sized to protect only the “essentials”.  Since the cover is compact, it is easy to bring along and more likely to be used.

Precip Moto

The Precip Moto Adventure Rally Half Cover can be attached to your handlebars.

What do you think?

And that’s the thing that got me wondering.  Are you as riders concerned about protecting the ignition, handlebar switches, and headlight assembly after you get off the bike?  Do you think these parts of your bike are important to cover?

And at a suggested retail price of $34.99, would you purchase one?  If price is a barrier, how much would you be willing to pay for such a cover?  Give us your thoughts in the comments below.


Note: Precip Moto did not pay or give anything of value for this article.

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