This is the second in a series of our “What Do You Think?” articles.  This time we ask you about the Survive Outdoors Longer Fire Lite Fuel-Free Lighter (and LED light).  What makes this lighter unusual is that it does not use any traditional fuel or chemicals.  Instead, it works with a self-contained, USB rechargeable battery that creates dual crossing plasma arcs (think electricity) to set tinder ablaze.  The Fire Lite fuel free lighter also comes with 3 feet of cord that you can cut and use as tinder.

Fire Lite

The Fire Lite lighter and flashlight.

To use the lighter, you fold down the cap lock and push the silver button.  The cap is spring-loaded and pushing the silver latch opens the cap and exposes four electrodes.  Then touch the electrodes to the kindling and push the black button at the side of the lighter until the kindling ignites.

Interestingly, the lighter also houses a 100-lumen LED flashlight with three modes; low, high, and strobe.

Fire Lite

Here you can see the LED flashlight at the lighter’s opposite end.

Survive Outdoors Longer says that the device is weatherproof and will work regardless of wind, rain, temperature, or altitude.  A full charge provides a claimed 45 uses at 7 seconds per use.  Once the rechargeable lithium battery is depleted, it can be fully recharged in 2 hours using the provided USB cable.

Fire Lite

In this picture, you can see the electrodes at the top of the opened lighter.

The lighter and flashlight combination is quite small.  It measures approximately 4 inches in length (9.8 cm) and 1.4 inches (3.6 cm) in width.  All up, the lighter weighs in at less than 2 ounces.  The Survive Outdoors Longer Fuel Free Lighter has an MSRP of $24.99 (£17.60/€20.45).

So what do you think about this potential survival tool?  Let everyone know what you think in the comments below.


Note:  SOL provided the Fire Lite Fuel Free Lighter free of charge.  But has not provided anything else of value for this article.

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