I came across an interesting advertisement a few days ago.  It claimed that their product, TireGuard™ is “The Ultimate Motorcycle Safety System.”   Well, that’s a pretty significant claim.  So I decided to spend a few minutes of my life reading the ad to see what the system does.

TireGuard Is The World’s Safest Tire Pressure System?

It seems that TireGuard is a tire pressure monitoring device.  In fact, the maker’s advertisement says that TireGuard™ is “The world’s safest tires (sic) pressure system.  100% Guaranteed.”

As I read through the marketing data, it became clear that this product is not being produced in a country where English is their primary language.  But that doesn’t mean that the product isn’t of good quality.

TireGuard™ claims that their system is/does (quoted from their advertisement):

  • Extremely Comfortable
  • Increase fuel economy
  • Extend Tires Life
  • Waterproof & Durable

They also claim that TireGuard™ has helped thousand(s) of motorcyclists to improve their riding experience.



The TireGuard system components and capabilities.

So what components do you get if you purchase a TireGuard System? First, you receive two valve stem caps that sense tire pressure.  According to TireGuard™, the pressure sensing caps work with both rubber and steel valve stems.  The caps send your tire’s pressure info to a small display you can mount to your handlebars.  Although they don’t provide the display’s dimensions, it looks about 1.5″ wide by 2″ long.

TireGuard™ claims that the system can be set to measure any pressure from 5 to 90 PSI (0.3 to 6.2 BAR).  They say that all you have to do is “configure your metrics from Bar/PSI and set your desires (sic) pressure.”  In addition to your tire’s pressure, the display also provides a clock and a battery level indicator.

Battery or solar charging

Speaking of power, the system is powered by an unstated size battery.  But there is also a solar version which apparently self recharges when left in the sun.

TireGuard™ is priced at $44.99 as a battery-powered unit. However, if you choose the solar-powered unit, the price rises to $54.99.

So what do you think about the TireGuard system?  Do you think that TireGuard™ is just a gimmick?  Or is it a product that could be useful for those who don’t regularly check their tire pressures?  And, if the system’s quality is good at the prices stated above, is the system a good value, and would you be interested in purchasing one?

Let us know in the comments below.

TireGuard™ has not paid or given anything in return for this article.  

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