Let’s say that you have around two weeks to go on a motorcycle ride.  You can go anywhere you want and rough it, or have it easier as you travel.  This poll asks you what your two-week ride looks like.

It’s easy to say that you’d be a hardcore rider.  But take some time to think about how you would like to travel and what you would really enjoy the most.  As for me, I’m not sure I want to ride hardcore single track for two weeks.  So I think I’d take a bit of an easier trek.  What about you?

Pick the choice that comes closest to how you’d like to ride for those two weeks.  There likely won’t be exact matches, but choose that which is closest to the way you would like to travel.

Note: The featured map is only for reference.  Your ideal trip could be longer or shorter in length and anywhere in the world.

(Note: Poll results are given to you immediately after you make a choice. The yellow bar identifies your choice.  At the end of each bar, the percentage of times that each choice was chosen is shown. If you miss seeing the results, simply go back and click on the poll again. Your choice, as well as the percentages for all choices, will be shown again.)


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