Fear is a powerful emotion, and deciding to ride your bike around the world, to Ushuaia, or across Asia, can often invoke all sorts of concerns. While a lot of them are valid, fear can needlessly prevent you from going.

So here are some of the most common “What if?” scenarios that people fear – and how to deal with them:

What If I Get Injured?

Knock on wood! Experiencing a serious injury on a long overland trip is no small matter. But it’s also not the end of the world. The standards of medical care are getting more and more excellent each year, so even if you do get injured, you’ll get help and heal.

Make sure you have a good medical insurance policy, do your research, and if in doubt about some of the off-road riding you’re planning, get some training beforehand.

What If My Bike Breaks Down?

It might! But that’s okay. You’ll fix it yourself, find help, get it towed to the next mechanic, load it onto someone’s truck, and get it to the next town or city. There are always solutions, even if you can’t foresee them all!

Make sure your bike is in top condition before you go. Have at least some basic knowledge about the mechanical side of things (fixing flat tires is especially handy), maintain your bike regularly, and you’ll be just fine!

What If I Get Robbed?

The reality is, you don’t need to travel abroad to bump into nefarious characters. And yes, you might get robbed, although the chances of that are pretty slim. If you do, just stay calm, report the incident to the local police, see if your insurance will help you recover lost valuables, and carry on.

Always ensure your valuables – wallet, passport, phone – are hard to access (e.g., carry them in your inner chest pocket). Use common sense, don’t venture into areas where locals advise you not to go, and you should be fine!

Remember: most people in this world are good, kind and hospitable, and most likely, none of these What If scenarios will happen. Do acknowledge the fear and be prepared, but don’t ever let it stop you from traveling!


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