Lots of riders carry “multi-tools” to in their day to day travels. They can help reduce the size and number of tools carried, as well as save weight. But the assortment of available multi-tools is dizzying. Trying to find the best tool for your needs can be difficult. Multi-tools come in many shapes and sizes. Some are fairly lightweight with just 3 or 4 accessories. Others include a huge assortment of accessories at the expense of size and weight.

Clearly, some multi-tools are very focused on the types of tools they provide. Some concentrate on providing survival type accessories, things like a hatchet, saw, and knife blades. Others concentrate on providing tools that can help with repairs, with screwdrivers, wrenches, and wirecutters. There are also multi-tools that are focused on cooking, with can opener’s bottle openers and tablewear.

With the wide selection of tools available, how do you choose the best multi-tool? What multi-tool accessories are the “must haves” for the perfect multi-tool? For a rider who will ride solo, what multi-tool accessories are “must have” and  what would be the “nice to haves?” Keep in mind, the tool must be small enough to fit in a space where space is a premium and can be stored in an easily accessible place.

So if you could design the perfect multi-tool, what accessories would it have?


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