Of course its one!

Ask any rider in the developing world, one is all you need to go anywhere

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in agreement are trials riders, speedway riders, enduro riders

Image result for erzberg enduro motorcycle riders

a large number of adventure riders, even lots of pizza delivery riders

maybe two cylinders are more your style, a bigger adventure bike, or street touring and race bikes

Image result for large adventure motorcycle riders

Three cylinders are more of a rarity except for the modern Triumph  that ADVriders are familiar with

but they do exist

Image result for 3 cylinder motorcycle

four cylinders again more common than three, and have been since the early days of motorcycling

Image result for four cylinder motorcycle

How about 5 cylinders? Anyone? They do exist, a radial motored board tracker was built with five cylinders, if you want to see an example in perfect condition then you need to travel to England and the Sammy Miller Museum

Image result for five cylinder motorcycle

Six cylinders the obvious answer is the Honda CBX or the Goldwing as mass production version, but how about the V6 Horex

Horex VR6

Seven cylinders, step up America’s bad boy and inmate Jesse James  and a one off custom radial engined bike called Radial Hell

Image result for seven cylinder motorcycle

Eight cylinders, of course you think of the Boss Hoss, but what about Glenn Curtiss V8 record holding bike I wrote about here or a not so well dressed V8 motorcycle rider as an alternative option

Image result for v8 motorcycle with old man

Nine cylinders? Of course why not!

Ten cylinders, the Dodge Viper powered Tomahawk of course

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Eleven cylinders just don’t exist but of course, 12 cylinder bikes do but are rare and more cylinders are even rarer. A 24 cylinder bike was built using chainsaw motors


If you are sitting there thinking more is better then you think along the same lines as Simon Whitlock who built a 48 cylinder motorcycle called Tinker Toy and he explains it in great detail in this short documentary  And what it sounds like running …






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