I find myself checking out lots of bikes in the ADVrider flea market forum.  There are some pretty nice machines there.  I’m always on the prowl for a new bike, even if I don’t have the money to purchase one.

And that got me thinking.  With prices running the gamut from underpriced to overpriced, what is the typical listing price of various bikes?

So I went to Kelly Blue Book (KBB) and checked out what they say are the typical listing prices for ten different bikes.  Your job is to determine which is the correct “typical” price.

I’ve grouped all the prices in $500 increments, so you have a fairly wide range of prices to choose from.  But as you progress in the quiz, you’ll find I changed the order of the prices to make it a bit more tricky.

I think this will be a fairly hard quiz, so give yourself a pat on the back if you score greater than five correct answers.  When you are done, let everyone know how well you did and what you think about KBB’s pricing amounts.  Enjoy!

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