The results are in from our survey asking you what you would give up to keep your motorcycle.  About 1,350 of you took the time to complete the poll in its first week.  And the results may surprise you (or not).

It turns out that we are very dedicated to our bikes.  We’re more dedicated to them than the pickup truck owners that were the genesis of this poll.

As far as demographics go, we’re a tad bit older than the truck folks.  And unfortunately, our respondents were overwhelmingly male.  Our respondents were 95%/5% male to female, while the truck owners were 54% male and 46% female.  That means we’re really only getting the male’s perspective.  We’re not going to be able to say much about what women would give up.


Anyway, our first question asked you whether you would give up your streaming service (Hulu/Netflix, etc.).  And overwhelmingly, you said you would give it up by a margin of nearly 87 percent to 13 percent.   Only 82 percent of the truck folks would give up their streaming.

survey give up streaming service


Next, we asked you whether you would give up alcohol.  This time it was nearly a tie. Almost 80 percent of us said we would give up alcohol as compared to 79 percent of truck owners.

survey give up alcohol


When it comes to drinking coffee, the results were once again nearly a tie.  Both motorcyclists and truck owners are willing to give up coffee by a margin of about 70 percent to 30 percent.

survey give up coffee


The phone has become almost a daily part of life.  And it seems that both motorcyclists and truck owners love their phones.  But motorcyclists love their machines more than truck owners.  According to our survey, more than 50 percent of us would give up our phones while only 47 percent of truck owners would give up theirs.  Still, the difference is quite close.

survey give up cell phone


This one surprised me a bit.  Meat is something we really love.  Only 48 percent of us said that we would give up meat for a year.  So more of us would give up their bikes to maintain our carnivorous ways.  But, truck owners are more carnivorous, since only 44 percent of them would give up meat for a year.  We’re still more dedicated to our machines that truck owners.

survey give up meat


We really like sex—a lot.  Sex was one of the categories where we would give up our bikes by a significant margin.  Only 32 percent of us would give up sex to keep our bikes.  38 percent of truck owners would give it up.  So I guess that makes us more dedicated to our partners than truck owners are to theirs.  But in both cases, sex wins in both groups by a large margin.

survey give up sex

The questions above were the only vehicle-related categories in the truck owner survey.  Overall, we’re more dedicated to our bikes than they are to their trucks.  That says a lot since the numbers were pretty high for truck owners.

But decided to add some more categories just for fun.  As you might guess, we motorcyclists are a pretty loyal bunch, and the numbers below reflect it.


We asked you whether you would give up seeing your family.  And not surprisingly, we retained our loyalty to our family.  73 percent of us would not give up on them to keep our bikes.  I guess we know what’s important in life.

survey give up family


Next, we asked you about your friends.   Would you give them up for a year?  Once again, you proved your loyalty and nearly 2/3rds of you would give up your bike to stay with friends.  And, that number is pretty close to the family percentage.  It just goes to show you that we know people are more important than machines.

survey give up friends

The final two categories ask about entertainment.  We asked you about music and sports. And the results are quite dissimilar.    Perhaps you’ll be surprised.


We like music, quite a bit.  By a few percentage points, most of us would not give up music.  53 percent of us would not give up listening to music.  Isn’t that interesting?   That makes music more important to us than meat or our cell phones.  What’s that old saying?  “Music calms the savage beast?”  Well, I guess that’s us.

survey give up music


Finally, we asked you about sports, and the answers here surprised me as well.  90 percent of us said we’d give up watching or listening to sports.  Considering that the survey respondents are more than 95% male, I thought that the number would be much lower.  But I guess that says a lot about the attractiveness of motorcycles among the male population.

survey give up sports


When all is said and done, our survey says that as a group, we’re a pretty loyal lot.  We’re more loyal to our bikes than other people are to their trucks.  But when it comes to friends and family, we know what’s really important and ensure that people come before our machines.  Bravo!

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