Americans love their pickup trucks.  In fact, one brand’s pickup truck is often the best selling vehicle in America.  And, it turns out that a pickup truck manufacturer survey confirms that Americans really, really, love them—a lot.

The survey asked 2,000 American truck customers (ages 18 – 65+ comprised of 54% men – 46% women) what they would give up for a year to keep their trucks.  The answers were quite surprising (to me anyway).

  • 82% would give up their video streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, AppleTV, etc.)
  • 79% would give up drinking alcohol
  • 71% would give up drinking coffee
  • 47% would give up their cell phones
  • 44% would give up eating meat
  • 38% would give up having sex

Wow, those are some serious commitments!  These results got me to thinking.  I like my pickup a lot, but I love my bike.  What would I give up for a year to keep my bike?  That’s a complicated question.

So we’re going to do a little unscientific research to see how motorcyclists compare to truck owners.  We’ll ask similar questions, including asking for some demographic data like age and sex.  If you’re not comfortable giving that data, just select “Prefer not to answer” and answer the “What would I give up questions.”  We’ll then report on the results.

This is our chance to ask ourselves how committed we are to our bikes.  I’m not sure I am as committed as some of the pickup owners, but let’s see…



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