RTW and long-distance travels aside, what do you carry in your toolkit when you’re out riding for a weekend or a few days, especially out on the trails? How much is too much, and how little is too optimistic?

Having recently completely stripped and rebuilt my DR650, I was expecting a few things to go awry on the first trial run or so. And sure enough, crossing a mountain range on a dirt road somewhere in Andalucia, it turned out the tread in the gear shifter clamp had somehow completely stripped. While I could just tighten the clamp screw as much as possible and make it across the mountain in second gear (thanks to motorcycle gods, a  DR650 can start moving from second – and even third, if it really needs to – gear), I’m wondering if there’s anything more I could have done had I carried more tools.

What's In Your Roadside Toolkit and Why? //ADV Rider

The answer is, no.

My tiny RRR Solutions toolkit has pretty much everything I’ll ever need for the basic maintenance and simple roadside fixes. I’ve added a spark plug key, some tire levers, a pair of bigger pliers, and I also carry spare tire tubes, a tube repair kit, a tiny tire pump, and of course, the ever-faithful WD40, duct tape, and zip ties. For me, and for a bike like the DR650, anything else seems an excess – for one, if something big goes wrong, I’ll need a garage anyway; but so far, nothing big ever does (unless I burn my clutch). With the stripped gear shifter clamp, I’ll just have to wait for a new part to arrive – nothing much I can do there – and for everything else, the tiny toolkit with a few additions has worked really well so far.

But is this too little? What do you carry in your toolkit, and why?

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