Being on an indefinite RTW journey, I travel alone. Last year, I tragically lost my loyal riding buddy and travel companion, Carl the Minion – a small stuffed minion toy strapped to my bike – during the Hellas Rally race. Ever since, I’ve been on the road solo, and I can’t imagine it being any other way. While I love leading motorcycle tours as a freelancer, and I’m happy to ride with people for a few days every now and again, generally, Carl the Minion was my ideal riding buddy.

I already wrote about the worst riding partners out there; now, let’s talk about the best. I’ve had the luck and the privilege to ride with some of the most hilarious, down-to-earth, and amazing world travelers out there, and here’s what they all have in common:

  • Humility. It seems that the more of the world you experience, the less self-important you feel, and that’s a good quality in my book.
  • Honesty. Life is short, and keeping up appearances, playing games, or pretending to be someone you’re not just seems like unnecessary – and exhausting – waste of time. People with no filters are the best!
  • Courage. Not bravado, not arrogance, but courage – courage to be vulnerable and kind, compassionate and understanding, patient and caring, and go for the unknown even when it’s scary.
  • Goofiness. Taking everything, including self, seriously all the time is a sign of short-sightedness and lack of imagination. Being goofy and laughing a lot works much better.
  • Independence. I want to know that people are riding with me because they choose to, not because they need to, whatever their reason. Freedom is a beautiful thing!
  • Sense of humor. This one is a must in any situation, not just riding together.
  • Curiosity. There’s nothing more boring than people who are perpetually unimpressed and uninterested in anything. It’s like their souls need a valve adjustment.

What would your ideal riding buddy be like?


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