This post IS NOT sponsored by Motion Pro, Leatherman, or Gerber, so let’s do a comparison


At least a dozen times a month or more I get an email, DM, PM, text, face-to-face conversation, etc asking about tools and tool kits.

Riders just like to know what you carry, like it’s something special and unique. Well it probably is to my bike, but nothing out of the ordinary!

Toolkit articles are great, but unless you ride the same bike as me you probably won’t carry the EXACT same toolkit as me. Maybe a better question is what are your MOST USED tools?

Not including fixing flats and axle related repairs, most tools are small, light and take up minimal space.

Last year at the KTM Rally in Colorado I was sitting chatting with Chris Carter, who in 1984 opened a company called Motion Pro. In the last 36 years, they have constantly been innovative in tool design for motorcycles for shop and roadside repairs.

Motion Pro has something like 3000+ SKU’s so there is a lot of good stuff to choose from on their website. So, I asked Chris this question:

Out of all the tools Motion Pro makes which is your favorite?

– “The Trail Tool”

and he even recites the part #08-0161

If you don’t have one it should be part of your tool kit, simple, small, effective and for $62 or less why not

  • Can be used to remove 8, 10, 12 & 14 mm bolts, #2 & #3 Phillips screws, small & medium straight-slot screws and 5 & 6 mm Hex bolts
  • Includes a 1/4″ and 3/8″ socket driver
    10 mm & 12 mm 1/4″. drive sockets
  • Includes convenient carrying case

The Trail Tool is good, add a few extra bits and sockets to suit your bike and now it’s great, my well-used setup below:

Right of the redline is what you get in the kit, I added 6, 8, 13 mm sockets, two extra Torx, and one Allen attachments because it’s useful for my KTM and extra modification I have added on my bike.

I also have a spoke wrench in the pouch along side a small extendible magnet because for some reason I like to drop hardware in areas my fat fingers can’t fit.

Coupled with my Trail Tool is a Leatherman Wave, this little set up gets more use than every other toolkit in my bigger kit combined.

This combination including the extra bits cost approximately $165, and it weighs in at a paltry 1lb 10oz/ 737 grams



This year’s birthday is coming up and as I’m not traveling I’m asked what I’d like as a present. I make a point of saying I don’t need presents as I like to keep my belongings to the absolute minimum…fail!

In really nice wrapping paper (which I tear apart) is a Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool. Gerber is not a brand I’ve ever owned before. I open it, obviously intrigued.

I’ve had a Leatherman on my belt for the last 30 years and don’t feel dressed without it.

I’ve been refused to get on a plane before because I forget to put it in checked luggage. I opted not to fly as doubted I’d ever get it back…that’s how attached I am to my Leatherman, I’m sure more than a few of you can relate.

So, the gift giver says “the guy in the store said he rode a motorcycle and told me this was a lot more useful than a Leatherman!”

That is some statement to make, but is he right?

In my hand it does actually feel better. It makes the Leatherman feel more like a 3/4 sized toy. The various tools are easy to get at with one-handed operation as the Leatherman is.

As advertised, the blade is bigger, the pliers are bigger, it fits better in the hand and feels more contoured to use and easier to get a tight grip.

But the key is in the name: Center Drive. What’s the big deal?

Leatherman screwdriver on a ‘Wave’ is offset and slightly clumsy to use, the Phillips/flat bit is a proprietary piece to them, and can take weeks to get a replacement if you lose it, I lost mine and didn’t bother, I use the one on the Trail Tool instead.

The Gerber puts the screwdriver where it should be, in the middle, the CENTER, easier to use for sure.

This gets me thinking about if that salesman was right. I rummage around in my tools and find Motion Pro Magnetic Nut Driver Set, another birthday gift that I’d never used.

But combine it with the Gerber, because it uses standard 1/4″ drive bits available everywhere and it came with a set of various bits I can either use or swap out at any hardware store is it now more useful?

This Gerber combined with the MP nut drivers cost $128.

And the weight, like the price, is a winner there, too. It is 5oz lighter.


So what do you think, which combination would you choose?


Do you have a lighter and better set up that can do as much or more that will fit on your belt or in your hydration pack/ bar bag that’s not shown above?

What are your most used tools? Let us know in the comments!

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