If you travel extensively, you will likely need a ferry to transport both you and your machine from point A to point B. Requirements for ferry transport differ wildly as do the scheduled sailings and costs. Knowing ahead of time where and where the ferries depart/arrive and what passage costs can be a significant amount of work.

However, there are websites that can make the job of finding a ferry much more simple. Covering virtually all of the planet, these websites can help you understand embarkation/debarkation points, schedules, and ticket costs. Several also let you compare ferries sailing from a certain point and purchase tickets for both you and your machine online.

Traveling throughout Europe, my experience was nothing short of amazing. Using Direct Ferries’s website, I was able to find sailings, review schedules, and purchase tickets quickly and easily. You can compare ferry costs from different ferry lines, make payment, and print your ticket documentation directly from their web portal.


Upon showing up at the port in most cases, all you need to is give them your passport. The tickets were already in the system. After confirming my identity, they printed and gave me the necessary boarding documents and sent me on my way to line up for loading. Some ferries have sophisticated systems for tying your bike down for the journey, others have little help other than old ragged tie-down straps. Unfortunately, these websites don’t have tie down information, so bring your own tie downs.



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