Let’s be frank, buying adventure riding stuff can get downright expensive.  Most of us don’t have as much cash as we would like to buy those “wants”.  “Needs” have to come first.  So do you have to deny yourself that adventure riding stuff that you want?  Quite possibly, the answer is no.

ADVRider Flea Market to the rescue.

ADVRider has a Flea Market section where you can purchase many of those “wants” for less, and sometimes much, much less than retail.  The catch, the stuff is used.  So what?  If it’s in good shape a bargain is always a bargain.  On top of that, its sort of like buying stuff from your friend.  After all, the one thing that ADVRider is, is that it is a community.  We’re like-minded adventure riders.

Finding the Flea Market

So if you haven’t been able to see ADVRider’s Flea Market, its because you must be an ADVRider member before you can get to it.  You will need to sign up before you can see and take advantage of the Flea Market.  Signing up does not cost anything but it does make you a member (or inmate as we are lovingly called).  Plus, you’ll get able to see more content than if you are just a lurker.

What’s in the Flea Market?

You may now be asking yourself, what kind of stuff can I find in the flea market.  Well, the answer is just about anything motorcycle, motorcycle accessory and motorcycle gear related.

There are four separate sections of the Flea Market:

  • Bikes
  • Parts
  • Gear
  • Other

It’s not too difficult to figure out what items are posted in each section.  But for each area, here’s a summary what can be posted and found in each.

Flea Market Sections

Bikes – Anything with two wheels and a motor.  You can also post vehicles with 3 wheels if you are selling a sidecar rig or road designed trike.

You can find this nice 2017 V-Strom or 2016 KLR from inmate ag_streak in the Bikes Flea Market section. Buy one and he’ll even throw in a free weekend in his cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia. Photo credit: ag_streak

Parts – All the stuff that attaches to bikes.  This includes bike parts, accessories (known around these parts as “farkles”), electronics like GPS, mounts communication systems, panniers and frames, racks, tank and tail bags, extra wheels, tubs for sidecar rigs and similarly attached to bike stuff.

How about new in the box mount for your Zumo GPS? As inmate Bergen in the Parts section of the Flea Market.

Gear – This section is for the type of gear that constitutes the saying “All the gear, all the time” (ATGATT).  Motorcycle specific clothing, gloves, boots, helmets etc. that have been designed specifically for riding should be posted here.  Things like climbing boots, sneakers hoodies etc. should not be placed here.  Those types of things go into the last section “Other”.

You can get a brand new pair of BMW gloves from Switchglide 12 in the Gear section of the Flea Market. Photo credit: Switchglide 12

Other Flea Market Threads

Other – If it doesn’t fit into one of the above categories, it goes here – things like ATV’s, radar detectors, cars, trucks, cappuccino makers, washers and dryers, drag cars – we’ve seen it all.  Most time it’s tents and camping gear, non-ATTGAT clothing, and the like. This includes items you may want to trade for a motorcycle, or other items, but do not fit the kind of item that should be listed in that category.

You can get a Novarra Mazoma gravel bike in the Other section of the Flea Market from inmate Dark. Photo credit: Dark

Paying it forward.

So since the world isn’t all about me/us, the Flea Market has a place to pay our good fortunes forward.  Located in the Flea Market Gear thread is a special thread.  It’s called the “Free To Active Military Thread” and it means just what it says.

In this special thread, inmates post items that they are willing to give to active military personnel for free.  It’s amazing to see the items that inmates post to give to active military personnel.  It affirms your faith in humanity and in motorcyclists as a whole.  If you’ve got something you are willing to give to an active military person, please use this section and make the day/s (and many more we hope) of an active military person.

All of this awesome gear is available for free to active duty military personnel courtesy of inmate Dentist the Adventurer in the Free To Active Military section of the Flea Market. Way to go Dentist!!!!

Good Karma Thread

This thread is similar to the “Free To Active Military Thread” but does not require the receiver of the item to be active military.  The Good Karma, Free Parts Thread has posts from inmates who wish to donate stuff to other riders.  You cannot charge for an item.  Shipping charges are allowed.  The Good Karma thread is extremely popular, with almost 350 pages of stuff being given away.

Need a fuel tank for your KTM 450 – 520? It’s free for the asking from inmate Kahoona in the Good Karma, Free Parts section of the Flea Market. Photo credit: Kahoona

Vendor items

If you decide you want to purchase a new item, ADVRider also has a Vendors thread.  Here you can find items that vendors think are motorcycle related and would be of value to ADVRider inmates.  There are postings from well-known brands as well as some not so well known ones.  Several inmates have started their own companies specializing in ADV related merchandise and have done very well with their products in this forum.

There is no cost to a vendor to post in the forum, but there are certain rules which are in place to help both the vendor and the inmates.  Price of the item must always be in the post so an inmate knows what the cost is up front.

Vendor Discounts

There is also a “sticky’d” thread in the Vendor forum which provides discounts to ADVRider inmates.   As of this writing, just short of 100 vendors have voluntarily given some type of discount to ADVRider inmates.

Rules, there are always rules.

So hopefully, we now have you all excited about seeing the items in the Flea Market or posting some of your own stuff for sale.  Before you start looking at items, do yourself (and us) a favor and read the Flea Market Rules.  Please, please read them before doing anything in the Flea Market.

You’ll be better received by the inmates and the item you posted won’t get unilaterally deleted if you follow the pretty simple rules.  You don’t want to make a bad first impression, do you?

So once you are inside the Flea Market, you’ll find items for sale, items for trade and items people want to buy.  There’s lots of stuff inside.  Best of all, there is NO COST to sell or purchase an item in/from the Flea Market.  ADVRider does not make one red cent on the Flea Market.  It’s here for the inmates to use plain and simple.

Inmate to inmate only.

The Flea Market is for inmate to inmate sales only!  Period.  You won’t find anything for sale from vendors.  Posts from vendors are immediately removed.  There’s a separate section for a vendor to inmate sales.

Have at it!

So you can find lots of items in the Flea Market.  It gives you a nice and often cheaper place to shop.  It also gives you the inmate, a place to offer your moto items for sale or even better offer to an active military person who could use it.  After all, what’s better than buying from friends?



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