I was talking to one of ADVRider.com’s head honchos, David Rudolf the other day.  We chatted about a lot of things, but it seemed that the impacts of COVID-19 took up much of the conversation.

I could tell we were both getting fed up with the topic.  Ultimately, David paused and said to me:

If it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, where would you like to be?

Wow, that is a great question!  Here in Vermont, a full and snow-covered winter is still in progress.  There won’t be much riding around here for a while.

Even though I’d just returned from riding in Spain and Morocco a few days earlier, I already felt cooped up in our nice little home on the side of the mountain.  And, it had already snowed twice since my return.

So I  pondered David’s question for a short while and then said that I would probably be riding somewhere down south in the USA.  Earlier this winter, I’d built a few tracks with the hopes of an early escape from the snow.

Yeah, that’s it, I’d be down south riding the tracks I’d created during this Vermont winter.  I almost immediately felt better thinking about riding some new tracks both on and off-road down south.  I imagined the sun on my face and warmer temperatures.  Mmm, nice!

Kim Mike Botan

So where would you like to be riding and with who? Photo credit: Kim Botan

And that got me to thinking.  Perhaps we should ask everyone on ADVRider where they would like to be riding if not for the pandemic.

Where would you like to be riding now?

So I am asking you.  If it were not for the pandemic, where would you like to be riding now?  And, who if anyone you would like to be riding with?  Let everyone know where you’d like to be riding and with who you would be riding; anywhere in the world.  Perhaps your ideas will help others dream about getting back on the bike and forgetting the pandemic for a while.

So please, do yourself and all us all a favor and let us know where you’d like to riding be in the comments below.


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