Where should you travel next if you’ve already circumnavigated the globe? What about if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve never left your home country on a motorcycle? here are some ideas to help you decide.

First Time Riding Abroad: South America and Europe

Covering long distances can be tough, and if it’s your first time riding abroad, it can be overwhelming. For your first motorcycle journey in a different country or continent, pick something that’s relatively easy to travel.

South America is a great “entry level” continent because it has the infrastructure for travel, the visa and temporary bike import system is easy and mostly hassle-free, there are plenty of paved and off-road routes to choose from, and it’s fairly safe. In most South American countries, Spanish is the main language which means you’ll only need to learn a little of one foreign language. The people are friendly and welcoming, and nature is breath-taking.

If you feel like it’s still too much, consider Europe. Although small and densely populated, Europe still has some hidden gems like the Balkans as well as the increasingly popular Trans European Trail, a network of off-road routes crisscrossing the entire continent.

Seasoned Adventurer: Africa

Africa is still one of the least traveled continents by motorcyclists, and although many African countries are rapidly developing, some of the regions there are still harder to access and remote. Africa is a true adventure, especially if you’re going all around the whole continent starting from Egypt and finishing in Morocco, or the other way round.

Veteran Traveler: the Far East

If you’ve ridden around the world already, it’s time to dig deep. Siberia and the Far East seem like some of the most intriguing regions of the world, but consider having more time and resources to explore these places rather than just rushing past. Zooming in on one country or region is the next step after you’ve seen the world from the saddle of your motorcycle. Now, it’s not about the mileage, but about exploring places on a deeper level.

Featured image: Pixabay

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