If you’re heading to Ushuaia, chances are, you’ll need tires sooner or later. Sometimes, tires can be hard to find in South America because adventure riding, although gaining popularity in recent years, still isn’t as big as in the West. In addition, some countries like Argentina have very high import taxes so tires get expensive.

So here is where to get tires in South America for reasonable prices.


Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental has partnered up with MotoZ and is now an official MotoZ distributor for Ecuador. If you need tires here, contact Freedom Bike – you can even pre-order your set I advance, so that when you arrive to Quito, tires will be waiting for you there.


Peru is one of the most beloved destinations for adventure riding, and dealers are catching up. In Peru, you can get tires in:

Lima, Chorillos: Suzuki Motors, formerly MotoSur, offers a wide range of off road, road and dual sport tires (brands include Michelin, Maxxis, Pirelli and Timsun). Owner Rodrigo Camps is highly recommended by both local Dakar riders and overland travelers, speaks perfect English, and prefers a WhatsApp contact: +51 994 404 488

Lima, Miraflores: BigTrail Center Peru offers MotoZ tires.

Arequipa: visit MotoMarket for Mitas tires; they ship anywhere in Peru, so give them a call if you’re stuck someplace and need tires.


You should be able to find tires in most big cities in Brasil, but this particular dealer in Curitiba comes as highly recommended:

Curitiba Jarva


Chile is generally easier for most parts and tires, but these two dealerships are especially recommended by travelers:

Antofagasta: BT Chile seems to have a great reputation.

Punta Arenas (Patagonia): La Guarida shop offers Continental TKC70/80 and Metzeler tires and can order any other brand if you message them in advance. They can ship anywhere in Patagonia. Use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to contact them: +569 62482885

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