Riding around the world doesn’t have to be a continuous journey if you can’t spare the time. Riding to one or two countries, storing your bike, and flying home to come back and pick up where you left later is a great option to explore the world on two wheels little by little.

Dan, Justin and Bob, an adventure trio of End of All Roads, is doing just that. They’re a great bunch of guys and they are always happy to help, so reach out to them if you need tips and advice!

For those who just want to know where to store your bike when abroad, here are some tips.

Ask the Locals

Even if you don’t speak the local language, chances are, you’ll meet local riders. Most of the time, local riders are thrilled to see foreigners exploring their country on motorcycles and they’re usually more than happy to help. You can always ask if you can leave your bike with someone locally.

Get in Touch with Expats

Almost every country in the world has large expat communities, so get on Facebook and start talking to people. More often than not, you’ll receive help.

Ask Motorcycle Tour Companies

Motorcycle rental and tour companies are usually happy to see travellers, and some offer to store your bike for a small fee. Court Rand, co-founder of Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental in Quito, Ecuador, says most companies would be willing to help. “We offer monthly bike storage for $50, so you can leave your bike in South America, fly home, and come back to continue later. The only thing you should be mindful about is overstaying your temporary vehicle import permit. That usually results in very steep fines, so just make sure you leave the country before your import paper runs out”, – Court explained.

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