People in the motorcycle business can be pretty creative.  And the folks over at are no exception.  They’ve come up with an interesting way to gain some insight into which Harley-Davidson models may or may not return in 2021.

They’ve taken the time to look at some of Harley’s websites for different parts of the world.  Using the websites, they hoped to figure out which motorcycles will and will not survive the 30% model reduction announced by Harley CEO Jochen Zeitz.  And they have come to some conclusions.

Using international microsites

They reviewed Harley’s European and Canadian websites and started drilling down.  Ultimately, they went to Harley’s respective microsites for its Genuine Motor Accessors and Genuine Motor Parts catalog and used the filter tool to filter accessories by model and model year.

Roadster model

Harley-Davidson’s Roadster model may not return in 2021.

This is where it gets interesting. went about reviewing the end dates of all the parts and several accessories using the filter tool.  And their results may provide some insights.

Models that may not return

They suggest that the Roadster will not return for 2021.  But it looks like the Forty-Eight, Iron 1200, and Iron 883 have a reprieve.

With the much more strict Euro 5 emission regulations and Harley’s declaration that the Sportsters will not be updated, the Sportster line is essentially done in Europe.  Perhaps the liquid-cooled Revolution Max Custom 1250 or a new air-cooled engine with variable valve timing could be used to fill the Sportster hole in 2022.

model Pan America

Harley’s new Pan America will make its premier appearance this year.

According to Harley’s parts catalog, Harley’s Street 750 and Street Rod will not continue beyond 2020.  But the Street 500 will remain, likely for use in rider training programs.

Harley’s Softail line could see some cuts, and the analysis suggests that five models will not return in 2021.  The machines to potentially see the ax are the Breakout 114, Softail Deluxe, FXDR 114, Low Rider, and Street Bob.

According to the analysis, all of Harley’s touring machines will continue into 2022.  Interestingly, there is a new entry for a 2021 Electra Glide.  Don’t confuse this bike with the Electra Glide Standard, which is available through the 2022 model year, or the Electra Glide Ultra Classic, which has not been a part of Harley’s lineup since the 2019 model year).

The end of the LiveWire?

Lastly, there’s one very significant motorcycle that did not make the 2022 model list.  Which bike is it?  It’s the Harley-Davidson Livewire.  It’s accessory pages only show the bike available for 2020 and 2021.  Since other models are shown for 2022, could this be a sign that Harley is ready to abandon electric motorcycles or at least “larger” electric motorcycles?  Hmm…

Harley-Davidson model

Could Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire be on the chopping block?

Now, all of the above is, at this point, speculation.  But there is one thing that suggests it is more than that.’s analysis was first published on December 17th.  But a couple of days later, the MoCo updated its websites and removed any details for the model years beyond 2020.  Double hmm…

So what do you think?  Is this analysis just pure speculation, or is it on to something?  Let us know in the comments below.


All photo credit: Harley-Davidson

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