The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a well-thought-out adventure bike, with an emphasis on utility. It doesn’t have the offroad capability of a proper dual sport, or the massive horsepower, safety electronics package and styling of a flagship adventure machine. It’s designed to haul people around the world, through tough conditions, and that’s just fine.

But, what if someone got their hands on a Himalayan, and took it to the next level? Gave it a bit more power, more visual punch? What if they gave it a turbo?

That’s what the bored staff at Royal Enfield’s UK-based Technical Centre did, to create the MJR Roach. This takes the ulititarian design and cranks it up even further, building it into a Mad Max-style machine with a considerable boost in horsepower.

According to BikeEXIF, the MJR Roach has a Garret GT 125 turbocharger, making 1 bar maximum boost; this, along with raising the bike’s redline (new ECU?), puts max output at 50 horsepower, supposedly. That would be a nice upgrade, as the stock air-cooled 410cc single-cylinder engine only makes around 24 horsepower.

There’s lots of other tweaking on this bike, although none of it is as impressive as the power boost. The builders lengthened the swingarm, lowered the seat, bolted on a set of Renthals and a new quad-beam headlight. Mix on some makeshift bodywork. some TKC80s and a hacked-up seat, and you’ve got a real post-apocalyptic custom, cobbled together from spare parts that were laying around the Royal Enfield facility. Is it any better offroad than the stocker, or a better travel bike? Probably not, but it’s probably more fun if you’re a hoon at heart.

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