There are a lot of products out there that you must have thought to yourself, I thought of that years ago, but you never get around to it. Sound familiar?

Most of those are simple ideas and require a simple solution. One of these is mounting your GPS on your handlebar clamps, but how would you do it to make it fit well, where you wanted?

The GPS mount on your bike that you primarily ride off-road has your screen in a position that kinda works for seated or kinda works for standing or maybe both. If that’s not the problem, then maybe it’s not too secure, or vibrates a lot?

Enter stage left MotoMinded, Chris the owner had this issue so came up with a solution, to fix all of those and make a better mount: a Stout Mount.

Using your existing handlebar mounts 90mm or 100mm, additional mounting plates with longer bolts to hold it all in place, then a newly revised billet top mounting plate with the AMPS bolt pattern which is used by Garmin, Trail Tech and others give you somewhere to mount your unit.

The top plate is a slider so position it where is right for your eye line, or flip it 18o degrees to give you an additional range of motion.

I’ve had one of these on my KTM 500 exc for around 5000 miles of rough offroad and I can vouch for it. It’s a great addition to my bike.

I find the angle it’s mounted at enough as it follows the line of the handlebar clamps. When I’m standing it just seems in the perfect location for a quick glance downward on fast tracks when a split in the track appears from nowhere and I need to look at the screen to know if the left or right is my track.

At less than $100 it’s a perfect part to keep that expensive GPS firmly in its place.

…and, Chris is an inmate 

images – MotoMinded


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