Montenegro isn’t exactly famous as the adventure riding capital of Europe – but it could certainly contend for the title. This small mountain country has an unparalleled number of twisty mountain roads and stunning landscapes, as well as plenty of off-road tracks. Here’s what’s not to miss when riding Montenegro.

The Coastal Route

Although much shorter than its Croatian counterpart, Montenegro’s coastal road is a beautiful route meandering along the Adriatic Sea. Dainty little towns and villages dot the countryside, and it feels a little like mini Amalfi.


Probably the most beautiful spot in Montenegro, Kotor is located near the Kotor Bay, often called Europe’s southernmost fjord. Although technically, the Bay of Kotor is a submerged river valley, it does look like a Norwegian fjord, except the turquoise blue of the water and the warm temperatures are decidedly Mediterranean. Venetian-built Kotor is a sight to behold, and the riding in the area is worthy of several days’ stay.


The capital city of Montenegro is small, but its south-central location makes it an ideal spot for your Montenegro base camp. From here, you can explore the mountain roads and tracks in any direction. AirBnBs and hotels are still relatively cheap here (10-15 euros a night).

Riders’ Community

Montenegro has a strong adventure riding community – so strong, in fact, that there’s even an annual Horizons Unlimited Travelers’ meet near Kolasin in the central part of the country. Montenegro’s HU meets are jam-packed with interesting presenters from all over the world, and there’s plenty of excellent riding in the area.

Trans Euro Trail

That’s right – Montenegro has some awesome off-road tracks, available for download on the Trans Euro Trail Montenegro page. 

Easy Access

Montenegro is not part of the EU (yet), but they use euros as currency, and border crossings are easy. You’ll need to buy local Montenegro insurance for your motorcycle, however. It’s available for purchase at the border for 10-15 euros for 2 weeks.

Images: Pixabay

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