The good old saying that there’s no time like now might be cliche, but when it comes to traveling, there really is no better time to do it than now. It’s easy to get lost in everyday things, planning, and often, over-planning instead of just going for it. But if you’ve been plotting your two-wheeled escape for a while now, here’s why you should travel now instead of putting it off.

The World Is Shrinking

No, not literally, except maybe for those pesky polar ice caps. By “shrinking”, I mean that the world is getting more and more accessible and developed. Chilean Patagonia was once a vast, wild country of gauchos and guanacos; now, as the infamous Carretera Austral is being paved, it’s turning into an adventure tourism hotspot. The same is happening everywhere in the world: roads are being paved, areas developed, and there are fewer and fewer places to explore freely, especially off-road. That’s truly a great thing, as it helps the local people, and the developing world should not be seen as an adventure travel playground for wealthy Westerners. Still, if you want to see the world, the best time to travel is now – before you know it, they’ll put a Starbucks even on the Road of Bones.

Rising Costs

Wherever you come from, chances are, the cost of living has risen during the past decade or so, and it will continue to rise everywhere in the world. In 2013, I could have a comfy hotel room in Lima for $15; now, the same room will cost double that. While international flights and AirBnB’s might be getting cheaper, the rest of the expenses keep growing as tourism permeates every little corner of the Earth. Again, that’s great news for the locals, but for travelers, your money will buy you more time on the road now, not in ten years.

Why Travel Now: Three reasons to Stop Planning ADV Rider

Tic toc, y’all


Life is wonderfully and terribly unpredictable, and there’s no telling what awaits around the next corner. If you are healthy and in a relatively good shape now, then the time to travel is now, too. To end this short write-up in another cliche quote, “most people regret things they haven’t done, not the things they have done”. So pack your bike, hit the road, and explore the world – now.

Images: Pixabay


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