It’s been a long day, you’ve really enjoyed the ride.  The only problem is that you are tired and your backside is killing you.  In fact, you can’t wait to get off the bike.  We’ve all been there.  As you limp into your campsite or hotel, you think to yourself, “there’s got to be a better way.”

Well, there may be.  Adding a seat cushion can be a way to arrive more comfortably and less frazzled.  I tried Wild Ass™ Air Cushions at AIM Expo and was pleasantly surprised.  Using combinations of medical grade rubber, gel and an amazingly small amount of air, Wild Ass™ cushions give you and your backside a break.  The cushions relieve pressure points giving you more backside endurance.  If your backside is happy, it’s likely you’ll be happier.

Wild Ass’s “Sport” Air Cushion with the supplied cushion cover.

As a female rider, I was initially concerned that using an air cushion would leave me higher from the ground and less able to plant a foot at stops etc.   It turns out that I need not have worried.  You need add only a very small amount of air to the cushion.  It doesn’t lift you far from the seat surface, it adds just enough air to the gel and foam to feel comfortable.

Wild Ass™ offers three types of cushions. The “Classic” is Wild Ass’s premium cushion and uses medical grade neoprene rubber.  Think wheelchair cushions that stretch.  They reduce pressure points and extend riding comfort.

The “Air Gel” has three layers of polyurethane with gel pads inserted inside each air cell.  Together, they provide cushioning, shock absorption and vibration dampening.

Finally, the “Lite” is made of lightweight polyurethane, which helps reduce pressure points and vibration, plus is easier on the bank account.

Each cushion comes in three different shapes.  The “Smart” is in the shape of your backside.  Something like a heart shape without the point at the bottom.  Instead of a point, there is a cutout area so it fits well up against your gas tank.  The “Sport” cushion is shaped like a old fashioned bicycle seat.  It’s narrow at the front allowing you to keep you feet close to the sides of the bike.  Finally, the “Pillion” cushion is square to provide the maximum seating area for a passenger.

Each cushion can be personalized for your comfort.  Wild Ass™ cushions have a simple air valve that twists to open.  You then blow a small amount of air into the cushion. Once inflated, you place the cushion on the motorcycle seat, then sits down on it.  Gently twist the valve to let a little air out until the cushion feels comfortable.   If you find you must adjust your mirrors after this maneuver, then you have too much air in the system. The cushion should not significantly change where your feet touch the ground.

The underside of the cushion is made of a non-slip material.  Also, there are two elastic straps to that pass under the cushion to keep it in place. Each cushion comes with a 2-year warrantee.

Craig Johnson, Wild Ass’s owner said that the Air Gel version is the most popular model with adventure riders.  The beauty of this cushion, according to Renae, Craig’s wife, is that a rider can focus on what s/he loves to do and that is ride and be comfortable at the same time. Amen Renae!!

Prices are based on the type of material used in each shape.  The Lite is priced at $99.95, while the Air Gel is $174.95 and the premium Classic cushion is $224.95.

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