How do you source fresh, potable water while wild camping? Even if you find a spot near a stream or a lake, fresh water is essential for cooking, drinking, and brushing your teeth; and, unless you have plenty of space on your motorcycle to carry a couple gallons of water, it can be a struggle to have enough to last several days, especially if the camp spot is in the desert. Daily water runs to the nearest town aside, what are the options?

Water Bladders

The beauty of carrying water bladders is that they barely take up space when empty, and can be easily added to the luggage system with just a few straps or MOLLE set ups. A couple of two or three-liter water bladders can last for two days or more, and they can also be used as a portable shower when hung in a tree. MSR water bladders seem the most motorcycle-friendly of them all:

Wild Camping: Finding Water

Water Purification Filters

From tiny pen-sized filters to more elaborate travel mug-sized ones, water purification devices are the next best thing when wild camping for longer periods of time. The added trouble is researching the area beforehand to see if there are any known water contaminants not filtered out by your water purification unit, but when it works, it works wonders – this LifeStraw is the size of a large marker pen but claims to filter 99.99% of bacteria and parasites and lasts for up to 4,000 liters of filtered water. Not bad for a tiny filter:

Wild Camping: Finding Water

Alternatively, water purification tablets like iodine are another option, except for the weird taste it tends to give the water. Boiling water can kill bacteria and parasites, but it won’t protect from chemical contamination, which is why a water filter may work better.

How do you source fresh water when wild camping? Share the tips in the comments below!

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