Racing is back, and that means the BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is back. Not only is BMW giving away lots of money with this year’s championship, the company has also put its hottest superbike up for grabs. The Race Trophy winner will take home a BMW M1000 RR.

The BMW Motorrad Race Trophy is the company’s in-house race competition, started in the days when BMW pulled out of World Superbike in 2014. The idea was, instead of spending big bucks sponsoring a race team in a single global series, BMW would instead offer privateers in many national series an added incentive to win. The racers would be judged against each other based on their performances in their respective series. Obviously, it’s hard to exactly compare Canadian Superbike with the International German Championship, but BMW has a system to pro-rate the points for each individual series.

The top finishers in the Race Trophy series usually travel to Germany at end of the season, with BMW handing out prizes. This year, the winner will get the keys to a brand-new M1000 RR superbike.

BMW unveiled the M1000 RR last September, as its first M-series superbike. It’s based on the S1000 RRm but with hot-rod engine, trick suspension, and a chassis that’s been tightened for track duty. It sells for around 33,000 euros overseas (the US website doesn’t list an MSRP).

This year, it seems BMW is tightening the purse strings, though, as the press release makes no announcement of actual cash awards this year. The winner gets the superbike, and the next riders finishing in the in-house series’ top-10 get vouchers for BMW performance parts. A handy upgrade for racers, no doubt, but cash is always king, and no doubt some riders will be disappointed that’s not on the table.

As well, BMW changed its points formula this year. Now riders make points only based on their winning percentage in their race series, wherever they’re running. This means that even if a series gets shortened because of the coronavirus pandemic, the riders can have a chance in the Race Trophy. You can see more details from the press release below. Sign-up details and other information for the Race Trophy is at BMW’s website here.

The positioning in the overall standings of the Race Trophy is now decided based on the participants’ winning percentage in their respective race series. This is the percentage share of championship points that they attained in relation to the maximum potential score in the race series. This winning percentage will be recalculated after each race weekend and incorporated into the latest interim results of the Race Trophy. By way of example, in a championship, three races have been held up to a certain point in time X, and the maximum potential score at that time is 75. Rider XY has picked up 70 championship points in these three races, meaning his winning percentage at this point in time is 93.3 percent. This continues until the end of the season. If, for example, a rider wins all of the season’s races in their race series, they attain the maximum potential championship score and a winning percentage of 100 percent. Another example: in a race series there are ten races in a season and the maximum potential score is 250. Rider XY ends the season with 200 points to their name, which equates to 80 percent. The winning percentage only takes the championship points awarded in the actual races into account. Bonus points (for pole positions, for example) that are also awarded in some series are not taken into account.

This new scoring system has several advantages, one of which is that the winning percentage can be calculated quickly and transparently after every weekend. The level playing field between the individual championships with differing numbers of races is maintained. Another considerable advantage is that it can still be used without any modifications even if the race calendars change.

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