If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, chances are, the riding season is about to end. The good news is, despite COVID, there still are some winter motorcycle destinations you can escape to. Here’s a list of my favorites:

Island of Crete, Greece

Although Greece still has some COVID-related restrictions in place, such as wearing masks and temperature checks at airports and ferry ports, travel to Crete is permitted. During the late fall, winter, and early spring months, Crete receives very few visitors but because it’s closer to Africa than Europe, the weather remains mild. There’s no shortage of both road and off-road options across the whole island, and you’re likely to have the entire place to yourself.

Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is back on the travel list, and while it’s mostly famous for its National Parks and safaris, you can go on a motorcycle safari, too. Off-road coach and tour guide Grace Mwari of Off-Road Adventure East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, says the team is ready to roll, so if celebrating New Years in Kenya aboard a dirt bike is your kind of thing, it’s time to start planning and packing.

Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador has recently opened its borders to tourism; while you’ll need a negative COVID test to enter the country, there are no restrictions to ride and travel within Ecuador. Motorcycle tours and rentals in Quito are ready to receive travelers, and when it comes to winter motorcycle destinations, Ecuador is ideal as it’s a place of eternal spring due to its location on the equator.

Booking motorcycle adventures right now might feel a little risky, but on the other hand, airlines and tour operators are exceptionally flexible and offer some really good deals, so the ability to change dates might offset the risk. What are your favorite winter motorcycle destinations, and will you be venturing out this year?

Featured image: Pixabay

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