Motorcycle gadgets are often intriguing, potentially exciting, and sometimes useful.  One of those new gadgets is a product called Wipey.  It’s essentially a “windshield wiper” for the visor of your helmet.

Wipey mounted to your visor

Wipey mounts to the top of your visor with a special clip.  Once attached, Wipey claims that the wiper won’t come off at “high speed”.

The device has four modes; single sweep and intermittent sweeps of one, three or six seconds.  A single CR2 watch battery powers the device.  It is not included because of postal regulations.  Wipey says the battery is a standard CR2 battery so finding one will not be an issue.

Various modes

With a single quick press of the button, the wiper will make one sweep.  A long press will have the wiper working continually across your visor.  In continuous mode, Wipey says that the battery life can be from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 12 hours depending on the wipe interval.  Wipe intervals are one, three or six-second between swipes.


Interestingly, the button to activate the device is on its right side.  That would seem to indicate that you would need to use your throttle had to activate it and their video shows the user using his right hand to activate the device.  Hmm…

If you don’t want to manually turn on/off the device, you can purchase an optional Bluetooth button which you can attach to your handlebar with velcro.  Once connected, the user only needs to push the handlebar-mounted button to activate the device.  Better…


Wipey claims that its device makes riding in the rain safer.  It is not yet available and there will be a Kickstarter campaign to fund production.

Our question to you is whether Wipey is a good idea and whether you would consider buying one if it goes to production.  Let us know in the comments below.


Note: Wipey has not asked for this post nor given anything of value to ADVRider.  


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