Women Riders World Relay, a global movement to showcase the growing numbers of female riders around the world, has reached Pakistan and India. The relay began in the UK on the 27th of February this year, and since then, 1,288 women riders have carried the WRWR baton across 41 countries covering over 31,469km. The relay baton has just crossed Pakistan and is now carried across India by local women riders.

Hayley Bell, the founder of the Women Riders World Relay movement, says the project has grown beyond all expectations.

Women Riders World Relay Reaches Pakistan and India ADV Rider

Image: WRWR

“What’s truly incredible is that we keep breaking down barriers, and it’s continuing to grow. I think the biggest achievement is reaching Pakistan and continuing the journey – for a moment, due to the complicated Pakistan customs system, we thought we might lose the baton. It has a GPS tracker on it so we can monitor the progress, and the Pakistani officials were not happy about it. Guliasfhan Tariq, our ambassador in Pakistan, has gone beyond everything to sort it all out. So really just seeing the continued travels, seeing women getting together and supporting each other is the best reward,” Bell explained. “We’ve had some continued logistical issues, customs agents have EVEN threatened to destroy the baton… There are always safety questions, all sorts of issues. We’re working with ambassadors in each country to make it all as safe as possible”.

Women Riders World Relay Reaches Pakistan and India ADV Rider

Pakistani rider Guliafshan Tariq. Image: WRWR

According to Bell, the WRWR community now unites over 18,000 female riders around the world, and the movement keeps gaining traction. “My time is now spent focusing on the round-the-world relay ride, getting sponsorships, and building our presence online so we can make an even bigger impact”, she added.

Women Riders World Relay Reaches Pakistan and India ADV Rider

Indian riders joining the relay. Image: WRWR

Featured image: Women Riders World Relay

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