Whether you’re hoping to become a full-on digital nomad, blog, or plan to be working on the road whenever you can, you’ll need a mobile office of sorts. It doesn’t have to be packed with the newest, shiniest tech, but you will need some essentials. As a motorcycle journalist and freelance writer who happens to live on a motorcycle, I need to balance the space, weight, and budget for my office gear. I’m not sure I’ve reached the happy equilibrium yet, but here’s what’s in my roadside office at all times:

Laptop With Extra Memory and a Solid State Drive

Laptop makes and models are a personal preference, and I’m not recommending any particular brand, but when you’re buying a computer for the road, make sure it’s a solid state drive (SSD) – it’ll have to withstand vibration, shaking, and potentially a crash or two. I use a Lenovo Thinkpad with added memory (12GB RAM); even though I bought it used, it’s year 2 and it’s still going strong enabling me to write, blog, and edit photos and videos.

Power Banks and Batteries

When traveling some less developed parts of the world, charging your electronics constantly isn’t always a given. Carry a power bank with you – they don’t take up much space but can save you when your battery is about to die in the middle of nowhere. If you’re using your cameras a lot, carry extra batteries – you’ll thank yourself later.

Rugged Smartphone

Okay, okay, I don’t have one, I just want one badly. Rugged smartphones like Blackview or CAT were designed for military and construction use and can take a lot more abuse than regular phones. Dust, vibrations, crashes, rainwater – all of those can damage your phone while on the road, so if you’re like me and can’t afford a Blackview, at least get a rugged, waterproof case.

Are you working on the road, and what’s in your mobile office? Share in the comments below!

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