The coronavirus pandemic is slowing down in many countries, but we aren’t out of the woods yet. That means while some motorcycle events are going ahead for 2021 (MotoGP, rally raid racing, some shows), others are still being canceled. Now, you can add the 2021 edition of World Ducati Week to that list.

World Ducati Week is a yearly gathering of the Ducati faithful, with riders coming in from all over the world to party hearty with their favourite brand. Races, stunt shows, product demos, a parade, custom bikes, group rides and so on—there’s lots of fun. This year’s event was scheduled to run July 12-18 in the Misano area, with beach parties on the Riviera Romagnola and events at Misano World Circuit Simoncelli.

However, the plans are on hold now. As per Ducati’s website,

We hoped to be able to organize the event in July 2021 but the reality is that today it would not be possible to guarantee the serenity and safety necessary to realize the great party we want for so many people. This is why, unfortunately, we have decided to postpone the next edition of World Ducati Week to 2022, when we can all celebrate together.

We will do everything to make the next edition even more memorable and engaging. Because a party can be postponed, but the passion never stops!

Kind of a bummer, but then, not entirely unexpected, as municipalities are still generally not keen to have thousands of outsiders descend for days of partying. No doubt the possibility of reduced attendance also played a part in the decision. Don’t be shocked to see some other biker parties to drop off the schedule yet, even though the pandemic itself seems to mostly be subsiding. Hopefully everything’s back on for 2022 though—we’ve got some catching up to do.


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