In case you didn’t know, World Motorcycle Day is held on June 21st each year. Why June 21st? Because the 21st also happens to be the Solstice and hence the longest riding day of the year.

It’s a day for celebrating all things powered and with 2 wheels. Sports bikes, ADV bikes, choppers, racing bikes, classic bikes, and everything else with an engine/motor and two wheels is welcome to celebrate.

But as we enjoy the holiday, we may want to think about the 10 Commandments of Motorcycling and pay your respects to each of them. You may want to rejoice or repent depending on how you acted in the last year.

So now bow your head slightly and heed these motorcycle words of wisdom passed down through the generations.

  • Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s motorcycle.
    Yes, s/he’s sexy, attractive, and has a painfully beautiful body. Top things off with intoxicating power and razor-sharp handling, you must not let lust enter your heart. Even under these circumstances, thou shall never try to make it your own.
  • Thou shall respect the old classics.
    The classics are the genesis of what we know of today as a motorcycle. Low on power and short on handling, but they taught our elders the love of motorcycling.
  • Thou shall love thy motorcycle more than anything (not anyone) else.
    Although life’s journey may have brought you many motorcycles, you must never stop loving and respecting the one that taught you to ride and carried you lovingly over open roads.
  • Thou shall give and leave more than you take.
    Be a good rider, a good person, and have an open heart. Share with others the joy of motorcycling and introduce them to the joy to be found.
  • Thou shall not leave a fellow rider behind.
    Regardless of some other rider’s misdeeds, poor judgment, or misfortune, thou shall never leave a rider in need behind. Good fortune awaits those who help. Woe unto those that do not stop.
  • Thou shall follow the laws of the land
    Although sometimes unreasonable and often painful, the laws the land must be followed. Respect others’ right of quiet enjoyment of their domain as you would expect others to do unto you.
  • Thou shall be forgiving to users of four wheels who may put thine life at risk.
    Thou shall forgive the unfortunate who make perilous moves with thousands of pounds of metal and endanger thy life. For they are the unwashed, unknowing, and unfortunate that know not the pleasures of two wheels.
  • Thou shall love they motorcycle through the finest of care.
    Show thy affection for thy motorcycle by lavishing it with great care. Heap upon its countenance petrol, lubricants, and fine oils. Never afflict thy motorcycle with useless adornments such as colored lighting or tassels, lest thee be thrown into the pit of darkness.
  • Thou shall make thine presence known.
    You must always make your presence known prior to passing, filtering, or changing lanes quickly. Only after others are aware shall you pass.
  • Thou shall always be a rider.
    Once your body has received the spirit of riding, thou shall not do anything to endanger its existence within thyself. Increasing age is no excuse to stop riding in the eyes of the moto spirit.
  • So there you have it. The 10 Commandments of Motorcycle Riding to be followed every day and celebrated on World Motorcycle Day!  Enjoy!

    Featured image from Facebook: World Motorcycle Day – India

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