After the original Best Piece of ADV Advice Ever Received post, there were so many comments pouring in with more and more excellent ADV tips and hacks on the offer that it got me thinking: we’ve all been given some great advice, but what about the other side of the coin? People mean well when they give advice, but how often that advice is useless at best and potentially harmful at worst? Often, bad advice is simply urban legends repeated over and over, things heard from A Friend’s Cousin’s Wife’s Uncle or opinions based on, well, absolutely nothing. So what’s the worst advice motorcyclists are told on a regular basis? Here’s a personal collection of bad tips I’ve heard or read about over the years:

1. Never Use Your Front Brake – You’ll Flip Over the Bars

This one is especially repeated in off-road circles; “don’t use the front brake on dirt, you’ll flip over”. Oh?

2. You Should Only Ride a Bike You Can Flat-Foot On Both Sides

Tell that to Jocelin Snow or Riding With the Wolf.

3. Riding Without a Helmet Is Safer Because Helmets Restrict Vision

And hearing, too, I hear.

4. You Can’t Ride Your Motorcycle in Winter

Beg to differ.

5. You Shouldn’t Go On A Long Journey If You Don’t Have the Experience

Here’s the conundrum: how else would you get that experience, I wonder?

6. Don’t Use Your Clutch to Shift Gears


7. Don’t Deflate Your Tires for Off-Road Riding to Avoid Punctures

I’ll take a potential puncture over bouncing off of rocks any day.

8. Faster Is Better

Is it?..

9. Lay It Down to Avoid a Crash

Crash to avoid a potential crash? Wait, what?

What are some of the worst ADV advice you’ve been given or motorcycle myths you’ve heard? Share them in the comments below!

Featured image: Getty

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