Cable TV as we knew it has broken down, and in its place we get a million different streaming services. It’s no cheaper, because now we’re subscribed to all the channels we want separately, but at least it’s tunable.

A new streaming service dedicated to motorcycles and the people who ride them (and work on them) has recently launched. Are we a large enough crowd to make the channel viable? I guess we’ll find out!

It’s called XCelerate TV, and it is available right now. The great part, to me at least, is that it is not all-cruisers-all-the-time. Generally any nationally available “motorcycle show” leans heavily on the Harley crowd, but not so here. Dirtbikes, racing, vintage bikes, adventure motorcycles — this channel covers a really wide swath.

Here’s their general trailer, mostly an advertisement, but it shows us a little bit of everything they offer:

It’s available on your Apple TV, Roku, and FireTV. It will also function through ChromeCast, and you can stream it on any internet-connected device.

What’s On TV?

There are classic races, dirt racing, flat tracking, documentaries and instructional videos. I think something like “What’s In the Barn,” which looks like a motorcycle-focused “American Pickers,” would probably be fun to watch. “Cafe Racers” focuses on bike building and modding. Original programming and new episodes premiere weekly. The website states that even though it’s currently all motorcycles all the time, “we anticipate expanding into ATV, BMX and mountain bike and, when appropriate, snowmobiles and jet skis content.”

What I’d really like is a TV program with actual professionals, who walk you through simple jobs on different motorcycles. No drama, just a motorcycling Bob Ross. Since motorcycles vary so much more than cars do, an oil change is not an oil change. Sure, you can find a bunch of this same stuff on YouTube, but at least on XCelerate it’s curated so at least you know the production values are decent. Maybe I’ll pitch it. Who wants to help me out?

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