Yamaha has announced a couple of changes to its off-road lineup, with a brand-new model (YZ125X, pictured above) and major updates to the YZ250FX.

The YZ125X is aimed at enduro competition, taking much of its design from the YZ125 motocross bike. It’s the same basic 125 cc two-smoker, with reed induction and Yamaha Power Valve System, but the power valve and combustion chamber are shaped differently, and the ignition is also optimized for a broader powerband that works for woods riding instead of the on/off power delivery that’s desirable in motocross. The KYB suspension is also tuned for enduro-style riding, and there’s a kickstand fitted as standard, along with reserve switch on the fuel tank.

Yamaha says the YZ125X is “the perfect stepping stone for riders transitioning from recreational trail models toward full-size XC machinery.” The new bike will carry a $6,699 MSRP at US dealers, and will be available this month. Canadians will pay $7,799.

The YZ250FX won’t be available until later this year.

Yamaha’s also updated the YZ250FX; it’s a model that’s been around a while, but the changes supposedly turn it into an all-new machine.

The YZ250FX has similar engine revisions to the YZ250’s updates from last year, but again, the emphasis is on enduro riding, with a six-speed gearbox delivery wide-range power from the four-stroke motor. Another big upgrade: Yamaha included the Power Tuner app compatibility with the engine, enabling riders to tweak their setup from their mobile device. Yamaha also included a handlebar switch that allows the rider to switch between engine maps while riding.

Yamaha also updated the machine’s KYB suspension, with new settings; there’s a new frame, new bodywork, and new 2.2-gallon fuel tank. The YZ250FX won’t be available until September, at an $8,499 MSRP in the US. Canadians, you have to pay $9,799.

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