An app from Yamaha lets riders of certain 2018/2019 Yamaha dirt bikes tune their bike for rider preference and conditions.  Available for certain 2018 Yamaha dirtbikes equipped with a Communication Control Unit (CCU), the app lets a rider change fueling and cylinder firing with one “simple” app.

In particular, Yamaha’s Power Tuner App lets owners of these 2018/2019 bikes with their phone:

  • YZ450F
  • YZ250F
  • YZ450FX
  • WR450F

Using your phone, the app allows the owner to just pull off, tweak engine parameters and ride away.  No special equipment is necessary or required.

The app provides downloadable maps so riders can start with baseline settings from the factory.  According to Yamaha Off-Road Media Relations Manager Mike Ulrich, the maps have been designed to ensure that a user can’t “break” their bikes using their smartphone.

Presently, there are only a few maps available.  They cover only a few different types of terrain.  However, Ulrich says many more maps are in process.  Once a user has downloaded the map, he/she can adjust any parameter covered by the application.

Downloadable maps aren’t the only things the app can do.  The app can provide a user with real-time RPM, throttle position, coolant temperatures, and battery status.  It even includes a maintenance tracker function.

Yamaha’s app seems to be a step in the right direction.  It provides dirt bike riders with more information than ever before.  They now have the ability to have a bike that is tailored to their specific needs.  All of which can be done without fear of “breaking” their machine.

The Yamaha Power Tuner app is available now is available for free on iOS and Android devices.  Have at it tuners!

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